Name: Speartail Serpent
Class: Predatory Reptile
Feeds: Small to medium sized mammals and birds
Predators: Other snakes, medium to large predatory birds and mammals.
qualities: venomous bone spike in tail, strong musculature for tail jabs, heat pits, ambush predator
size: 4-6 feet in length, with a 6-12 inch bone spike.
Habitat: Burrowing, Desert dweller

Name: Stone Lizard
Class Insectivorious and Herbivorous Reptile
Feeds Insects and plant life
predators: Large birds and some predatory mammals
qualities Tough Keritinous Shell, heavy, bottom weighted
size: up to a foot in length
Habitat: Burrowing, Desert dweller
Notes: The stone lizard gets it’s name from its keritinous shell which resembles that of a stone, providing not just incredible protection but camouflage.

Name: Askari (Swahili for Keepers)
Class: Insectivorous and Herbivorous Mammal
Feeds: Insects and Plant life
Predators: Raptors mostly, some desert predators if within reach, occassionally young may fall into the digestive jugs of the symbiote.
qualities: Tailed primate, group dweller, aboreal
Size: 10-12lbs
Habitat: Arboreal dweller, mostly found on Maisha, but occassionally found in natural formed oasis or the few forests.
Notes: Most Askari live atop the Maisha, called keepers, they were once thought to be those that kept the Maisha in good condition. In many ways considered priests or angels and were as sacred as the Maisha themselves.

They have developed into the symbiosis that exists with the symbiote, very rarely do the keepers themselves fall victims to the digestive jugs but they are used by them to dispose of waste which is broken down by the plant.


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