Hravert Basin

Also known as The Basin of the Burning Rose. Centuries before current year it is said that a star fell from the heavens, when the blossom of fire faded and the remnants could be explored, what the surveyors found was a massive perfectly smooth crater, the soil had burned into smooth black stone.

Within a decade, strange flora began to grow within the crater. Wondrous and odd plants and flowers the like of which had never before been seen.

It wasn’t until much later, when the world discovered and began to embrace Aetheric energy that it was discovered that the zone was awash with ambiant Aetheric energy.

It is because of this ambient Aetheric energy that Baron Nicodemus Hazard and Doctor Calamity Jones chose the Basin for the location of their grand project: the Aetheric Drill.

Tuaiwi Myth


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