the Aetheric Drill

The Aetheric Drill

The Aetheric Drill is a colossal device designed and created by Doctor Calamity Jones under the direction of Baron Nicodemus Hazard. The massive device apppears to be a canon or giant telescope several hundred feet long connected to three massive power generators.

The three Generators
The Aetheric Drill is powered by three different types of energy (Galvanic, Geo thermal and Aetheric), Doctor Jones believes all three are required in order to bore a hole through reality and create a bridge to the Aether.

When activated the three Generators feed power directly into a capacitor where the three energies are directed into the Drill itself.

Due to the Galvanic generator requiring lightning, Doctor Jones has ordered airships to prepare to begin cloudseeding, a process she believes will create a manmade lightning storm and allow much better control of the, usually chaotic, forces.

With all three generators working at optimum efficiency, the Aetheric Drill, when activated will theoretically be able to bore a hole through reality, bridging the physical world with that of the Aether.

the Aetheric Drill

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