Tuaiwi Myth

In Ages past their was a cruel Sea Goddess that sought to destroy our people for they had gained power of her domain. She looked upon the people of the Tuaiwi and saw that they had became masters of the sea, even more so than she herself.

She hurled terrible storms at our home, imprisoning us on our islands, unable to trade or meet with other islands, unable tot ake to the sea without being destroyed by the angry swells.

It seemed our people were doomed, when from an Island came a young man. {Insert name here} refused to just bend down and die, and he went to each of the elders from his village and asked them each for a boon.

From one he got the swiftest and most sturdy boat, and from another he got her lucky paddle, and lastly he got from the mightiest warrior of the island his favorite greenstone blade. The young warrior packed up his supplies of salted fish and fresh water and pushed off into the storming sea.

He managed to ride the swell of a wave and at its apex he lept onto the Sea Witch, and with that Greenstone Blade he severed her eye in three. Parting the pupil, the iris and scalera and scattering them to the corners of the heavens where the wandered the sky, seeking one another but never finding each other.

Tuaiwi Myth

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